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Pari Match is a popular sports betting platform with more than 26 years of industry expertise. The government of Curacao backs its many gambling options, which include both traditional casino games and live dealer options, as well as sports betting. The platform accommodates numerous payment options and offers consumers appealing perks and discount packages. Parimatch provides a safe place to gamble online, thanks to their Curacao Gambling Commission licence. The official website sports a sophisticated yellow and black colour scheme, with a top navigation bar for quick site exploration and a support chat window located in the site's bottom left corner.

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Signing Up for Parimatch in India

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Sign up for a new account with Parimatch, and you can try out their comprehensive sports betting environment. Users should review the brand's policies before completing the Parimatch registration. The terms and conditions are available in the site's footer. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your information during the Signing up process. In order to create an account and make wagers, you need to be at least 18 years old. Although the registration form simply requests basic information like your phone number and email address, you should still be as specific as possible. If the information provided at registration does not match the information provided at the time of withdrawal, your account will not be verified, and you will not be able to request a withdrawal.

To sign up, just hit the "Parimatch Sign-up" button in the page's upper right-hand corner:

  • Put in your phone number and make up a passcode.
  • After receiving the OTP, click the Sign-Up button and enter it.
  • After signing up for an account, you'll get a list of regionally specific payment options.
  • Make your first deposit of real money and choose a payment option if you want to do it directly.

Account Login for Parimatch

Now that you've signed up for Parimatch, you can access the service by logging in. Simply type "Parimatch login" into any search engine to access your account. Once you've done that, the "login" button on the Parimatch homepage will be waiting for you.

Verify that your Parimatch username and password are free of typos before attempting to log in. The "Login" button is where you'll click to enter your Parimatch account after that.

You can avoid entering your login information every time you use Parimatch by selecting the "remember me" option during the initial login process. Due to safety issues, this should not be attempted. This operation should only be carried out on the gadgets that you regularly employ.

How Do I Access My Parimatch Account From My Mobile Phone?

If you are unable to access Parimatch on any device other than a computer, your options may be limited. Due to this, many gamblers want the flexibility of being able to log in to Parimatch from anywhere. As a user, if you're thinking about doing something similar, you have two options. Using Parimatch's mobile app is the first available choice.

If your phone doesn't have enough storage space or if you're using an older model of smartphone, the second method becomes relevant. As an alternative to downloading the dedicated app, you can enjoy Parimatch on your mobile device through any web browser, including Google, Opera, and Safari. Once you've connected to the website with your username and password, you'll be able to utilise Parimatch on your mobile device.

Instructions for Accessing the Parimatch Mobile App

The first approach is covered here; it entails getting the mobile app and then signing in once it's been installed.

Before getting started with the Parimatch app, you should know that it requires a mobile device running either the Android or iOS operating systems. If you're able to tick off these boxes, we can move on to covering how to get the app on both phone types and sign in.

Download for Android

The installation of the Parimatch software on your Android smartphone is not very challenging, but it does require your full attention and the careful execution of each of the provided steps.

Parimatch India is not available on Google Play despite being compatible with a wide variety of Android devices. What, therefore, is the best course of action? Proceed in the way outlined below.

  • In order to install apps from unknown sources on your smartphone, you'll need to adjust the security settings.
  • Visit Parimatch and look for the Android-related APK file; this will bring you to the next stage. The Android APK file should be under the section labelled Apps Android/iOS.
  • When you find the APK file, you can take it.
  • At that point, detailed on-screen instructions will become available to you.

Download for iOS

parimatch welcome bonus

If you own an iOS smartphone and want to know how to get the Parimatch app, you've found the proper place. We'll take care of everything for you, guaranteed. This is a simple and comprehensive guide on how to get the Parimatch app.

  • First, you should double-check that your mobile device (phone or tablet) is linked to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data connection.
  • The following step is to visit the App Store and download the Parimatch app.
  • After selecting "Install" from the drop-down box, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password.

The Parimatch India app is available for iOS devices, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 10, iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12 and 13. This programme can store up to 100 MB of data in its memory.

If you follow these steps, you'll have no trouble downloading and installing the Parimatch India application on your mobile device running iOS or Android. Parimatch registration, login to the Parimatch system from a phone is the same as on a computer.

Welcome Bonus Parimatch India

Parimatch goes out of its way to reward loyal customers with generous bonus features. The first Pari Match login is immediately accompanied by a bonus. The welcome bonus is the first type of bonus a new player from India can receive after signing up. Users can increase their actual earnings by taking advantage of this offer, which is only valid for the first deposit they make. First-time depositors who put in at least 300 Indian Rupees ($5) are eligible for the bonus. There is a 150% bonus available up to 15000 rupees. The table below shows how the bonus amount varies based on the deposit amount.

Initial payment sum The amount of the welcome bonus
Rs 300 Rs 450
Rs 500 Rs 750
Rs 1000 Rs 1500
Rs 5000 Rs 7500
Rs 8000 Rs 12000
Rs 10000 Rs 15000

The larger the initial deposit you make, the larger the bonus you will receive. You can claim your welcome bonus in the mobile app or on the Parimatch website. It can only be used to wager on sporting events. As soon as the money transfer is confirmed, the bonus funds will be added to your game account. Wagering requirements must be met before the bonus can be withdrawn.

  • The wagering period is 60 days from the date of registration.
  • One single bet with odds of at least 2.0 will receive a 16-fold bonus.

How to Deal with Login Issues Caused by Parimatch

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You need to sign up for a Parimatch account before you can place Parimatch bets on the site. Once you've signed up with Parimatch, you'll still need to provide your login info whenever you want to use the service. It's possible that you'll have trouble logging in to the Parimatch app. All issues, however, have answers. In that light, let us view them.

This page is having trouble loading

Logging into your Parimatch account may fail if you have a shaky internet connection. You can verify its functionality by visiting a different website. If that's not the case, take a look at your network settings and try logging into your Parimatch account afresh.

Unreachable Webpage

Some countries do not allow access to the Parimatch betting app. Therefore, you will be unable to log into your Parimatch account if you attempt to do so from a jurisdiction that does not permit gambling. You can test it out if you live in a country where using the Parimatch gambling app is legal, or you can use a virtual private network. To perform a Parimatch login India, you can also use mirrors.

Account was temporarily suspended

You must abide by the rules and regulations that Parimatch has set forth in order to keep your account active and the website clean and user-friendly. This is done to protect the rights and privacy of Parimatch's customers and to keep scammers out of the forum. A temporary suspension of your account may occur if any of the rules and regulations are broken. Get in touch with customer service and follow their directions to regain access to your account.

Incorrect Username

It is possible that incorrect information was entered when attempting Parimatch app login India. Your Parimatch account cannot be accessed without a valid username and email address. Therefore, you can try contacting Parimatch's customer care to retrieve your lost username and then re-access your account. After creating an account on the legitimate betting site Parimatch, it is highly recommended that you write down your username and password in a notebook.

The problem with forgetting one's password

When attempting to access their Parimatch account, this is by far the most frequent issue that users have. It's possible that the password you created for your Parimatch account will slip your mind. If you forget your password and need assistance resetting it, Parimatch provides a "forgot password" option. The link that was texted to your registered phone number will allow you to reset your forgotten password. You can access your Parimatch account again after resetting your password.

Problematic pages

If the Parimatch sportsbook platform's server is down for whatever reason, users may encounter a page error. You'll need to wait a little while longer before you can access your Parimatch account again. Additionally, before entering your login information into Parimatch, you can perform a single connection test.

Is It Safe to Use Parimatch?

It's likely that the site will be unavailable for short periods of time here and there while improvements are made. Many users are concerned about the safety of their personal details when they sign up for a site or deposit funds.

This is very normal, and we can reassure you that this casino is one of the safest online. Data transmissions through their website are encrypted using SSL technology. This means that no sensitive information is exposed during transactions because the information is encrypted. Except for that, it's a totally real online casino, as evidenced by the presence of a valid licence issued by the government of Curacao.

While Parimatch takes precautions to prevent access to your account from unauthorised individuals during the Parimatch online login process, it is nevertheless imperative that you take measures to ensure your own security. Never, ever, under any circumstances, share your Parimatch password with anyone.

If you are using someone else's computer or mobile device to access Parimatch, it is important that you disable location services. Paying close attention to all of this data can help you keep your account secure.

Customer Support

Parimatch's dedicated customer service team is available around the clock to assist customers with any problems they may have. Parimatch Online is a great resource for users of online gambling sites. Its consumers can reach out to customer service at any time of day or night. The Parimatch Help Centre is a treasure trove of information. In addition, the Parimatch casino platform includes a live chat function, which puts you in touch with a helpful advisor at any time.


What is the Parimatch casino login process?

To log in to Parimatch, simply visit the website or use the mobile app and enter your credentials. Using this method, you can access Parimatch.

May you tell me how I may fund my Parimatch account?

You can top off your account using any of the accepted payment methods on Parimatch.

Can Indians use Parimatch with confidence?

Parimatch is a certified virtual gambling establishment. Here you can play for money and not worry about your safety.

Where can I find the option to alter my Parimatch password?

You can change your username or password in the "My Account Information" area if you log in.

Can I sign in to Parimatch with my phone number?

In order to access your Parimatch account, you can use either your phone number or email address.

What's wrong if I try to access my Parimatch profile?

This could have a number of different causes. You can figure out how to fix the situation and move forward sensibly.