2014 is about to enter the third week of the preseason, the teams a few happy tears. Peyton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Tom - Brady (Tom Brady) came out, Teddy - Brigitte Waters (Teddy Bridgewater) and Ryan - Sha Zeer (Ryan Shazier) fearless. However, many teams have been the invasion of injuries, following the deadline to Monday US time injuries summary. 1. Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darrell - Duo Kete (Darnell cheap mlb jerseys authentic Dockett) injured and was carried out of the stadium during practice Monday. Then the team said in a statement released before the former Pro Bowl star cruciate ligament tear, so the season. 2. Buffalo cheap mlb jerseys Bills rookie wide receiver brisk performance Sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers rib injury, which, coach Bill said that at present there is no Watkin Sri Lanka's exact return date. 3. Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Derek - Carl (Derek Carr) suffered in the game against the Detroit Lions sack, and severely collision, resulting in a concussion, then he was substituted, and worse, His teammates mdash; mdash; wide receiver Bryce - Butler (Brice Butler) also suffered the same injury. 4.

Philadelphia Eagles running back - McCoy (LeSean McCoy) in confrontation with the NewEngland Patriots in pulling the toes, even though he said at the time was very painful, but cheap mlb jerseys fortunately not a serious problem. And his teammates mdash; mdash; wide receiver Jeremy - McLean (Jeremy Maclin) sprained his hamstring muscle and missed the game with the Patriots. 5. Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) in the apartment Ban Xiangzi ankle foot, but fortunately the superstar's injury does not matter, I cheap mlb jerseys supply believe that soon will be able to return. 6. Tennessee Titans quarterback Charlie - Whitehurst (Charlie Whitehurst) in the game against the New Orleans Saints to a finger injury, is currently uneventfully. But his teammates mdash; mdash; linebacker Colin - McCarthy (Colin McCarthy) was not so lucky, because of shoulder surgery, he is likely to face a situation of reimbursement of the season. 7. New York Jets cornerback Di - Mi Lina (Dee Milliner) is fighting with a sprained cheap mlb jerseys ankle, the Jets' lineup because of Mi Lina's absence will be enormous pressure. 8. Green Bay Packers tight end Brandon - Bostic (Brandon Bostick) calf injury, he may miss a few weeks so the game.

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