Non-Model Schools   Model Schools No tuition fee is charged from girl students both in Model & Non-Model Schools. SC/ST Boys are also exempted.
Annual Funds (in Rs.)   Annual Funds IX (A) FEE:
Building Fund 6 Admission Fee 15 ----  
Excursion Fund 5 Building Fund 15 15 a. Admission fee 25.00 (at the time of Ist admission to
St.F. 10 Excursion Fund 62 12 b. Re-admission fee17.00 the School at Sr. Sec. Stage)
Sports Fund 3 Magazine Fund 50 ---- c. Tuition fee 50.00 P.M.
Total   Sports Fund 25 7  
Monthly Funds (in Rs) Cycle Fund 2 2 (B) Funds (Monthly):
Tuition Fee 6 Total Annual Fund      
for general boys only Monthly Funds      a. Amalgamated 17.00
Amalgamated Fee 5 Tuition Fee 37 15 b.  
Red Cross Fund 1 Amalgamated Fund 25 12 c.  
Child Welfare Fund 1 Red Cross Fund 7 2 d.  
Science Fund 2.5 Child Welfare Fund 7 2 e. IT Fund- 25
Health Fund 1 Science Fund 7 2 f.  
Audiovisual Fund 1 Health Fund 6 2 g. Audio,Visual Fund 3.00
Work Exp. Fund 2 Audiovisual Fund 6 2 h. Red Cross Fund 3.00
Total   Work Exp. Fund 10 5 i. Health Fund 3.00
Grand Total:   Stationary Fund 20 25 j. Cycle Fund 3.00
    k. Scooter/Moped Fund 5.00
    l. Work Expe./G.F.C. 7.00
    m. C.W.F. 7.00
  (C) Annual Funds:
  a. Magazine 87.00
  b. Excursion Fund 67.00
  c. Identity Card Fund 12.00
d. Dilapidation Fund 25.00
  Note:  e. Library Security 125.00 (refundable)
  f. Building Fund 30.00
----> Students are subject to pay fee and funds at the rates prescribed by the Department of Education, Chandigarh Administration from time to time. g. Club/Societies Fund 25.00
h. Vocational Guidance Fund 15.00
----> After allotment of seat at the time of interview, fees & funds as per the following details will be deposited by the candidates, failing which allotment will be cancelled:- i. Sports Fund 27.00
j. Examination Fund/ 50.00
----> Monthly Funds will be Half for SC/ST Boys and Girls  
----> No Tution Fee for Girls and SC/ST Students.